Hospital Nurse Call Systems

Nurse Call Systems

Nurse call systems have become far more than a way for patients to contact care-givers when they require assistance. Nurse call systems technology has evolved from the days of tone and light systems to audio/visual rauland nurse callsystems to computer based systems, and now, to information network based systems. SouthMed is pleased to be the distributor of Critical Alert in Georgia, and the Carolinas.  Critical Alert nurse call systems are the most advanced, most flexible and easiest to use systems available.

There is more to consider for nurse call today. And, one of the most important questions a hospital can answer is “What mode of nurse call do we want to use and why?” The traditional mode of nurse call where someone at the unit level answers calls for just that unit may be the way to go. However, many hospitals are finding a new mode of operation for nurse call is paying dividends in customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction, and reduced labor costs. Centralized nurse call is gaining popularity for exactly the reasons noted. For more information on centralized call system benefits, click here.hill rom nurse call

While the Critical Alert system is an extremely flexible and powerful system, we know it is not right for every hospital and every hospital is not right for us. Why not invite us in so we can determine if product or SouthMed might fit within your location.

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